What’s In A Name?

I’ve always had more than one “given” name. Legally, my name is Brian, but my father called me Ben as far back as I remember. I can only presume my legal name was one of the few arguments he ever lost with my Mother. Losing the argument didn’t seem to have much affect on him […]

The Washing Machine

“Supposed to snow this weekend. I guess I’ll have to get the washing machine out of the front yard.” To most of you, I’m guessing this doesn’t make much sense. A couple of weeks ago, I wouldn’t have understood it either, but then I talked to my brother and he said, “Supposed to snow this […]

Island Time

    Have you ever heard of the phrase, “island time”? Do you think you know what it means? Island time does not refer to an attitude or a pace of life adapted by tourist while on vacation in the islands. That’s vacation time and it’s a temporary condition. Island time is a perpetual, until […]


Songs, books, legends and wars are based on the ideal of freedom. Peasants and slaves both sought freedom from tyrannical lords of the land. Citizens seek freedom from government. Mankind seeks freedom to travel the universe. Millions strive for spiritual or financial freedom. Teenagers seek freedom from their parents. Parents seek freedom from their teenagers. […]

Universal Pot Luck

Clemson University Dining facility does theme nights. One of them was Maximum Mexican Night. It goes without saying Mexican night in the dining hall consisted of tacos, enchiladas, burritos, Mexican rice and other Mexican type food. To compliment the theme, the staff wore sombreros and played Mariachi music. By all accounts, Mexican theme night was […]


People tell me, “You are a lucky man.” Several months ago my wife and I were walking past the marina in downtown St Petersburg, Florida, when we saw a Catalina 25 for sale. My wife, being the wise and wonderful woman that she is, knew I wouldn’t take such a bold step. So the next […]

Grocery Store Gift Card

I try not to get too overly concerned with how people find out so much about me these days. It seems they can find out anything and everything they want. So, when I received a flyer in the mail that was addressed to me, by name in lieu of “Resident”, it didn’t raise any flags. […]